astrology href=''> Step-by-step Rudimentary Methods In Full Moon horoscope: The September New Moon rose in the sign of Virgo (Image: GETTY) Only three planets are now in Water signs but not a single one can be found in Fire signs. Ms Goldsmith said: This is a very rare phenomenon. With so much in Earth, it is important to be centred and grounded. Being in nature, connecting with animals, preparing food and gardening are all good activities to do. There is serenity about the energy of Earth and Water. It is time to find that still place within you. REVEALED: Scientists solve GREAT MYSTERY of strange swirls on moon The astrologer also said Neptune will oppose the Full Moon this month which might kindle a desire to abandon your daily problems. This could in turn fuel an urge to binge on food and alcohol for a feeling of temporary relief. But Ms Goldsmith believes the Full Moon in Virgo requires you to accept your current situation. She said: There may be disappointment, disillusion, loss of hope, but dont allow yourself to lose faith because we have a very fortunate aspect with a Grand Trine in Earth signs, bringing you to the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality. Are you still feeling the effects of the August Full Moon horoscope ? For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit An Overview Of Key Elements For [astrology] The Best Routes For Root Issues For Virgo: It is not the time to rest on your past laurels, and you will have to carry on with your work unabated. You will have to keep your focus steady and remain organised to get the same level of success that you had in the recent past. Ganesha advises you not to neglect your relationships, as they are the cornerstones of your success and tranquillity. Libra: Ganeshji says that today you shall make your competitors and enemies envious of your success in business. Beware, as they shall try to hurt or put down your reputation in varied ways. Instead of having a fight with them you should try to be politically correct and take care of matters using your intelligence. This afternoon can bring in a new love in your life that will be very good for you. Scorpio: You are in a dilemma and feel like standing at a crossroads of life. Some important decisions of life need time and that's what you want right now. However, keep personal life and work separate to avoid confusion and disturbance. As per Ganesha's advice, it's all right if decision making takes some time, but avoid taking hasty decisions. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit